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From Boeing and Airbus Qantas Aircraft Maintenance  Engineer to Visioncom Founder and Owner...

Amit's has always had a keen eye for engineering excellence,  He successfully completed his Diploma in Aerospace Engineering 1998- 2000 attaining certificate 4 in Aircraft Engineering Avionics.  He maintained Boeing 737-800 and 747-400 radio, electrical, instrumentation parts of these aircraft.  He similarly supported Airbus A320 aircraft.  Amit worked for Qantas for nine years before leaving the company in 2012.















He decided to build on his engineering expertise by studying and gaining a Telecommunications certificate 3.  He spotted an opportunity in the residential market and formed his first company "Vision Satellite".  The company installed digital satellite TV dish and receiver solutions for international audiences.  His business expanded to help with the rollout of the National Broadband Network.  Over four years, Amit and his team completed hands-on fibre installations to the premise, node and curb, and by hybrid coaxial.  He also provided on-premise cabling and wireless broadband installations.


In 2015, Amit rebranded his company into Visioncom Pty Ltd. The business operates in residential and business markets.


Visioncom has installed home security and integrated entertainment systems into hundreds of Melbourne homes, whether single or double-storey, new or existing, the business has grown from referral-based word of mouth of positive experiences from the team's knowledgeable experience and approach to high-quality outcomes.


Visioncom successfully delivered surveillance and security alarm solutions for national retailers.  A number of industrial production customers have recently benefitted in cost-effective monitoring and alerting of product run errors, reducing staff costs, wastage and theft with increased responsiveness delivering more for less.

Visioncom is Australian owned and operated, whether it is retail or business, please contact us today to see how we can help deploy the right technology at the best price to elevate your business security and performance.


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